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My Life History

Rohit Dalvi is a well known founder and CEO of Infovys. He born on 26th February 1994 in Nashik Maharashtra it self. He is an Indian by nationality and presently living in Nashik, Maharashtra (India).

His father is a government servant and his mother past away in the year of 2010. He has one younger brother who is studying law. He is married with madhuri dalvi. She is professionally working in matoshri college of pharmacy as a professor. Rohit started his studies from RJEM School but he shifted to Dnyanmata Convent boarding school which is locating at Sangamner for further studies. He doesn't have many friends since childhood.

He was not so much consistent towards his studies but had good knowledge and interest in computer science. Rohit was also involved in sports during his schooling. He wanted to be a doctor but due to some financial issues he he used to study IT. In the year of 2014 when he was in 12th standard he started working as a office boy in Goldiden India Pvt. Ltd. but after 6 months his family pressurised him to focus on his studies so he quit his job and started learning more about web development. He joined some IT institute and after some time he went for an interview but got rejected and reaslised that he needs to study more hard, he started learning more about web development and was searching jobs like work from home. In the year of 2015 he got his first client through facebook and still working together.

He met Vikas Tiwari founder and CEO of whatastory and started working for his company for free. After this he introduced him to his business partner Raunak Hajela CTO of whatastory. Raunak hajela guided and motivated him towards his work. As rohit was learning web development he used to always connect on social media as it was part of his progressing work once he met Ashish verma though one of his mutual facebook friend. Ashish's facebook account got hacked and he asked rohit to help him out of it then rohit using his knowledge recovered his facebook account. During the recovering account he started learning web securities too.

Raunak influenced him to learn cyber securities. Rohit started gaining all the knowledge at its no end and once his successfully unlocked securities of some companies i.e. @envato @dell etc. after this rohit met Gyanendra Bhandari founder and CEO of tripgyan who wants to make a security for tourists information and offered rohit to work for him in this project. This was his first attempt but he failed so Gyanendra Bhandari wants to re-designe this project and said we will develop some good stuff and for this he hired some experts. Everything was going good but suddenly Gyanendra withdrawal his hands out of this project. All employees and some outsource features payment was pending from gyanendra bhandari's side. Due to this all rohit got really depressed but his wife stood by him and supported and motivated him to face this situation. Some how rohit came out from depression and started recovering. This period of time Raunak supported him financially. Facing this time of period rohit met Nitesh Shirangi. Nitesh Shirangi is a entrepreneur, founder of 'Stux Software's a cyber security company. He supported him a lot and gave him antivirus project. Rohit successfully delivered all the features he wanted in his project and he become permanent investor to Rohit's company.

Now rohit is dreaming for 'Stux Softwares' to becoming famous company with some interesting investment.

Rohit have pretty much investments and nowadays he has invested in hash pwned company also in Stux Softwares he has some amount of shares in his hands and also he has invested in land. His further plan is to be get retire at the age of 35-40 and wants to enjoy his life with his wife.

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