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Founder & Ceo @ Infovys
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An expertise in Web security also best in business growth, focusing on Company interactive experiences
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Hungry, ambitious, and loves to secure world from Cyber Security. Currently, Founder & Ceo @ Infovys .

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How to protect yourself from cyberattacks when working from home during COVID-19.

As we navigate the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the need to halt the spread of this deadly pandemic, many of us are settling into a routine of working from home. This can pose many difficulties, including how to maintain focus, how to balance other priorities, such as childcare, and how to be productive without requisite tools or dedicated office space — not to mention the struggle to avoid raiding the whole snack cupboard in one day.

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How To Stay Safe While Working From Home.

Think before you share your data. We urge individuals to always be diligent about where (and why) they share their data, but to be particularly vigilant at this time when we are likely to spend more time online, given that most of us are required to stay at home.
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Cyber Crime during Coronavirus Pandemic.

The spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across the world is creating fear exponentially, but the health risks are not the only bane that comes from this catastrophic event. It has been noticed that this period of social distancing and misinformation also gave an opportunity to the dark elements of the society.
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Misconfiguration top cyber security risk on Cloud.

Misconfiguration means that the public cloud server instances, such as storage and compute, are configured in such a way that they are vulnerable to breaches. 230 million misconfigurations are happening in Cloud on average each day, proving this risk is prevalent and widespread.
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